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Thursday, 27 April 2023

FREE CALL Unlimited Call 

IndyCall is a free communications app for mobile that allows users to make phone calls to any Indian numbers. The calls are free of charge. However, the costs are covered by the advertisements you watch. The number of minutes per call depends on the number of credits you earn by watching adverts. With the rise of technology and the internet, communication has never been easier. The world has shifted from traditional phone calls to messaging apps and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calls. While many apps provide free messaging services, free unlimited call apps have become increasingly popular in recent years

Free unlimited call apps are applications that allow users to make voice calls over the internet without the need for a traditional phone line or plan. These apps use VoIP technology to make calls over the internet, which means that they require an internet connection to function.

The app works differently compared to mainstream messaging apps, such as Skype, Viber, and Whatsapp. Sure, they also allow free calls, but both lines need to be using the same app. With IndyCall, the other party does not need the app. You only need to dial their number

How do you use IndyCall?

IndyCall is a simple app, and making a call is very easy. Just like your native phone app, it only requires you to dial the number you wish to call. You can also select the number from your contacts lists. Once done, the call begins immediately. As mentioned, the app works for all Indian numbers. However, you can also make international calls. That is if you have enough credits.

You can earn the credits to make a call by watching advertisements. The limit of every call will be displayed when you dial.  Of course, the duration of your call depends on the number of credits you earn. If you wish to skip the adverts and duration limits, you can pay for Indyminutes with real money. Note that each Indyminutes is one minute of call.

The app requires an internet connection for the call. Additionally, you have to dial +91 before the local telephone number. IndyCall does not require registration, but you may register your phone number if you like. Be warned, however, the program sometimes fails to work. Not only that, but it can also get you lots of spam calls. 

Is the app good?

Overall, IndyCall is a good app to have if you wish to make a call without getting charged. The app allows you to call any Indian number as long as an internet connection and VOIP are allowed. Watching adverts to get call credits can be a pain sometimes. However, the effort is worth it if it gets you out of paying the call rates.