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Saturday, 26 November 2022

After installing OxygenOS 13, Users may dislike the user interface, discover bugs or glitches, or discover that their phone is not functioning properly due to heating, battery depletion, freezing, or any other problem. In this situation, consumers can go back to OxygenOS 12 if they like. Will they fare? We created this post, which covers everything required for rolling back or downgrading the version, to aid them. 

Steps to downgrade the OxygenOS 13 to OxygenOS 12:

Important Notes: 

  • First, make sure you have a backup of all your important data before downgrading. 
  • The second important thing is that you have to download a zip file for downgrading the version of your devices of your regions from any sources.
  • Your device should be charged at least 50%. So that downgrading works without any interruption. 


  • After downloading the downgrade zip, bring it to your phone’s internal storage.
  • Then, Go to Settings in about device option
  • Click on the version option, Click Build number 7 times
  • A pop-up of entering the password will occur,
  • After entering the password, you will go into developer mode.
  • Now again, Go back to Settings
  • Go on the About device option
  • Then after clicking on Up to date
  • Click the top right button to find the Local install option.
  • Click on the particular rollback package
  • Now Extract it.

Downgrade packages for Oneplus Smartphones to downgrade to OxygenOS 12

Oneplus 8, 8T Series & Oneplus 9R