Top 5 Best Android Games Under 100 MB

Here, are the top best android games under 100 MB. Here we have covered all types of games like racing  game, Mind game ,shooting game, physics game etc.

Best 5 Games -

1) Lab buster 

In this game, there will be a scientific laboratory and in inside there will be so many cute monster but don't go with there cuteness, you have to shoot and kill them for reaching up .you don't have to leave any monster alive then only u can go up to the next level of game.




Single player

SIZE - 77.84Mb

Rating - 4.2/5

Link - LabBuster Game link


This game is best for school children's  and it is approved by Teacher's. This game is best for brain exercise. There are more than 120 stages. So kids must Play this Locus Games.

: Ages 9-12

: Math's learning game

: Puzzle

: Offline

: Single Player

size - 25 MB

Rating - 4.4/5

Link - Hocus game link

3) Vertical adventure

This game is like an Arcade game but its addicted. There are about 60 different levels .Vertical Adventure is a fun and enjoyable game. simple tap game.

: Arcade

: Action

: Offline

: Single Player

: Abstract

Size -37 MB

Rating - 4.6/5

Link - Vertical Adventure Game Link

4) walk master

This Game Aim is to collect different type of creatures ( collect 29 unique creatures) .It is very challenging game and precise control game.

: Action

: Offline

: Single player

: Stylized

Rating -4.2/5

Size -66 MB

Link -Walk Master Game Link

5) Beat  Racer

This game has very good graphics and musics.

: Music

: Offline

: Racing

: Single player

Rating : 4.1/5

Size : 77 MB

Link - Beat Racer Game Link