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Monday, 29 June 2020


Earning Money from sitting in home is always a dream of  everyone .Here are top 6 ways you can earn money online . No need to go anywhere  we can earn  money online in  Lock down period .

This the best useful way in lockdown . Due to corona virus pandemic all over the world people are looking for online income to tackle their financial problems. you just need Internet for this , As there are  no. of ways to earn  money online but few of might them are fake and you need to aware . Never expect huge amount in starting only when you will be using these ways .So here are to 6 ways in free time you can earn money through online platforms and websites .

1) Freelancing

Freelancing is the best way to earn money online. This has been one of the top best way . Only few things you need to do before you start Freelancing.
There are several websites which offers Freelancing job like Upwork, Fiverr, Peopleperhour , Behance etc. They hire people who are interested in freelancing and they assign you some work  or project and there will be deadline to submit your work with in provided time .you just need to visit freelancing websites and create your profile and add your skills, Apply for work or task which suits you most, so once clients see your personal details and skills they can directly contact you also.

Once you finished your task , and if it has been apporval by client then you will be paid on successfully completion of task, There might a chance of revising the task until and unless it met with requirements of your client . you can earn upto $100 just sitting in home.  

2) starting you own website

This is also a best and easiest way to earn money online .There are enough material provided on
Internet which could help you to create your own website .you just need to choose domain for your website template,design and overall view of your website. you can create your website on any content . you need to buy a domain for your website . Once you ready with content signup with google Adsense . The more traffic you get on your website , more you earn through website .


Affiliate Marketing is trending nowadays, this comes once you create your website. Yes once your own website is up and running good, you can go for affiliate marketing option to earn money can allow companies to insert the web links on your site. It is like a symbiotic partnership. when visitor or buyers reach your website to buy the products and services  by clicking the links provided by companies , you will earn out from it .


Blogging comes with interest,hobbies,talent and skills of so many people. There are so many bloggers who worked as a part time and there are full time blogger also. This is one of the best career option also. so many companies hires a blogger to write a article or blog on their website and they are getting good paid from companies.
you can do your own blogging also , just you need to have your own website where you can do blogging you have to spend money on domain name , you can do blogging  in , it is a free . I recommend you if  your interest  in blogging you should start with , its basically for beginners ,later on you can buy a host of word press and you can do blogging in word press. word press is paid. And bit costly compare to . you can  monetise the blogs with ads, product reviews etc. But  one thing you have to remember ,through blogging earning money may take time ,for some people it had taken one year , so this may take time but you can earn good amount through blogging . 

5) YouTube

YouTube is the best platform to earn money online. Those  who are not interested in blogging and affiliate marking , they can go on you tube and create their channel.
you just need to create a channel on YouTube and start making videos with good contents. you can  open  cooking channel ,  mobiles phones , or vlogs , or funny videos you can make. you have to attract viewers through your videos. once views starting comes on your videos your subscriber also gets increase . you just need camera for making videos and you can earn million from YouTube.

6) Data Entry

Data entry is a easiest way of earning money online.
There are plenty of data entry works in India. freelancing companies offers most of the work related with data entry.
In data entry you dont need for specials skills or talents, just you should have good typing speed , fast typing skills, if you have you can easily do data entry.  on internet there are so many websites are avail ,who give you some data or some content that you have to write you will get time  with project , In the given time you have to finished your project , Talking about paytment few day entry jobs charge per page and few charge per hour.
By this you can earn per hour thousand rupees.But there are so many fake websites who offers you data entry job, they ask you to pay amount for GST and all. so you need to aware of all this .

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