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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Snapdragon 690 vs Snapdragon 875 full specification, comparison

Qualcomm  is coming up with 5G affordable phones. This new chipset comes up with new generation of 5G in affordable smartphones.SD 690 is an evolution from SD 675. Qualcomm is launching this SD 690 with 5G support smartphones which could cost you around $300 - $500. 

Qualcomm snapdragon 875 is an evolution of current Snapdragon 865. As sources  company is expected to launch their net gen fastest chipset , when SD 875 will launch it will be most powerful in market. 

 specification of Snapdragon 690


      Snapdragon 690                                 


  2x Kryo 560 (CA77) @ 2.0GHz

   6X kryo 560 (CA55 ) @ 1. 7GHz
    Aderno 619L

   60% performance vs 675
    Hexagon 692

    HVX + Tensor
   Memory     controller
    2x 16 - bit-CH

  @1866 MHz LPDDR4x  14.9GB/s

 spectra 355L
 48 MP single 32 +16 MP dual
 4K HDR video with portrait Mode
   Integrated             Modem 
   Snapdragon X51 G
   (LTE Category  24/22)
    DL+1200 mbps
   UL=210 MBps
   5G NR sub-6
    DL =2500 Mbps
    UL=1200 Mbps 

   Fabrication   process 


    8nm LPP 

Features of  Snapdragon 875

Snapdragon 875 Could Be Qualcomm’s First 5nm Processor

Kryo 685 CPU
: Aderno- 660 GPU,665 GPU,1095 DPU
: Security processing unit  250
: 3g/4G/5G modem (mmwave)
: Frequency band 6 GHz
: Camera - spectra 580
: Technology - Sd sensor core
: 802.11ax, 2 x 2 External MIMO
: Using Hexagonal vector expansion and tensor accelerator Hexagon DSP could be calculated
: High- speed LPDDR5 SDRAM
: Audio sub system is low with Aqstic Audio WCD9380 and WCD9385 audio codec.

Leak information of Snapdragon 875 ~ Is the composition of A14 vs ...

As per sources  Snapdragon 690 and snapdragon 875 would be launch by the end of year or it might get delay  due to current pandemic until then stay tuned with

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