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Tuesday, 2 June 2020

 TOP 7  online sites  

 you can  easily become a hacker with these top 7 online websites     courses.

Here are some best coding websites courses for free and paid courses which can make you expert in coding language.

now a days coding is become a mandatory for computer science students.
All top and best companies are hiring coder or hacker now  a days and they are getting good paid by companies .

If you are from computer science background , you must know few coding languages like Python , java , sql , css , html , c ,c++, these are the top coding language which are very useful now if you are interest in coding or hacking.

Top 7 online websites which provide you free and paid courses of coding languages :-

1) HackerRank- one of the best and top websites for practicing your                                codes .

                       : free      
: In this online website you can practice and solve challenges provided       by HackerRank team . you can practice here java codes , python             codes, c++ , c , Html , all coding languages you can practice and          learn from this website. This is free no need to pay any amount .'

2) Udemy - This website is one of he most popular website now a days .  This website provide you free and paid courses of all coding languages.
                 :free and paid  


: In this udemy websites you can watch videos or tutorial videos for free on trail basis and if you are interested you can pay for courses. this site is one of the best teaching website, this site has almost all coding languages courses with valuable amount.

3) GeeksforGeeks -  This website is useful for interviews and placement purpose.

                             : free

: GeeksforGeeks are useful website for interviewing and placement purposes. this online website prepare you for interview and college placement question,they have prepared all types of questions which being frequently asked in interviews and all companies placement like Amazon, Flipkart, Microsoft all Top companies .

4) CodeChef - This  platform is created  to help  programmers in          the world of algorithms, computer programming and programming contests.    

                      : free But paid for competitions


: CodeChef is a platform to learn algorithms and to participate in             programming contest.This online website help programmer to learn     algorithms, computer programming ad programming contests.This is   free but if you are interested to participate in competition so you have   to pay amount .

5) Teamtreehouse - This website provides you free trial of courses of 7   days and then if you are willing , you have to pay for the courses. This site has collaboration with big  companies like IBM.

                             : Paid (7 days trial free)


: Teamtreehouse provides all types of coding challenges for student . they have paid courses . they provides 7 days trail free .As per now they have 300+ courses, 23 topics and 50k+ current students. they have all type of demand videos and interactive challenges to prepare students.

6) LeetCode -      :paid

: you can go to the link .leetcode is paid website. There are  over 1550 questions for practicing.They do not only prepare candidates for technical  interviews ,they also help companies to identify technical talent.

7) freeCodeCamp - This is a platform where you can build the projects     from home and learn the code from home and get a  certificate for free , this is free .

                           : Free


: freecodecamp provides a free courses and certificate for free. certificates in web designing , java ,python courses etc. They have additional course for coding interview preparation material .

For more information and details ,you can go the websites link which have  been provided up .

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