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Thursday, 29 August 2019

QNET 70 arrests, 38 cases registered against firm
Following another development in the QNet scandal, Republic Media Network accessed secret reports from the Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) that were sent back in 2012 warning the then Finance Department about the scam. The secret SFIO report of March 2012 called for stronger legislation against QNet and described it as a potential threat to national security. The scathing SFIO report noted that such schemes were a threat to national security. "Their business, operations, and conduct is completely inappropriate and prejudicial to the public interest. They are also a potential threat to national security as all such illegal schemes are run by foreign operators along with this scheme. She has been. "
QNET Scam Modules 5000 Crore Scam 2019. QNET firm 70 Arrests,38 Cases registered
The 2012 SFIO report says? Is fraud the key to the promotion of pyramid schemes? . Regarding the pyramid structure and methodology of the scheme, the report stated: "The promoters continue to run the illegal business of the pyramid scheme in clear violation of the Awards Act." The SFIO report talks about how the most vulnerable people of such Ponzi schemes hunted and said? Pyramid schemes are the most viral, highly viral and predatory schemes that are expanding rapidly and confusing the weakest among society.
On Wednesday, in the QNet scandal, in a massive development as one of the biggest Ponzi scams, the Commissioner of Police said the scam could be spread over Rs 5000 crore. On Tuesday, the Cyberabad police said in a press conference that they are airing companies related to QNET and as long as the investigation process continues, the note has been taken by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

Cyberabad Police Commander VC Sajjan told Republic TV that the company was operating in 'three avatars'. "It deceives people by giving motivational speeches, and to sieve its illegal activities, it sells some products." Giving more details about the findings of the case, he said: "During the investigation, notices were sent to several big names - like Anil Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan, Boman Irani. The Indian government is preparing to shut down the company." Regarding the scam's masterminds - Vijay Iswaran and Joseph Bismarck, the police commissioner said that they are out of India and the police is trying to track their antics.

//QNET's Scam Modules 5000 Crore Scam 2019. QNET firm 70 Arrests,38 Cases registered

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