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Monday, 8 July 2019

The first semifinal of the World Cup will be played in Manchester on 9 July in India and New Zealand. There is a buzz about the match between India and New Zealand in the current sports circle. However, the Meteorological Department has expressed the possibility of rain in Manchester on Tuesday. So many fans have expressed displeasure. Because at the beginning many matches in the chain were canceled due to rain. It is also upset with the fans that they will be interrupted in the semi-finals.

Seeing the history of cricket, the maximum number of matches in the 2019 World Cup have been washed out due to rain. This match has not been canceled in any World Cup before. The match was canceled due to the rain in the World Cup. If there is a rain in the last leg of the World Cup again, then it is natural for fans to get angry. What will happen if the rain hits the semifinals? Every sports lovers will have to face such a question. We have come here with the answer.

There are two options to attend the semi-finals. What are the alternatives to knowing if there are rains in the semifinals?

1) On Tuesday, the match between India and New Zealand was washed out due to rain. So this match can be done on the reserve day ie next day. There was no reserve day for the league but, for the semifinals and the final, the reserve day has been kept. But unfortunately, there is a possibility of rain in Manchester on Tuesday and Wednesday. Therefore, there is a possibility of the match being canceled due to rain.

2) If the match does not match due to rain, then according to the rules of the ICC, India will take on the final. The ICC rules that the team which has the highest points in the league match, will qualify for the final. India is at the top position if it looks at the talent pool. New Zealand's team is in fourth place. So, on both occasions, if rain comes on both sides, India will reach the final.

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