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Monday, 8 July 2019

PUBG Lite Beta will eventually be available for download in India officially today. 
The lightweight, free version of PUBG is intended for PC gamers who want to experience 
the online battle Royal Titles without the need of a powerful system. The title was available in selected areas and now it can be downloaded in Maldives, 
Nepal, Pakistan and many other new areas. At the time of writing this article, 
anybody can download and install games, go through setup and pre-download game files when the title is available to play.
Now after waiting for so many months, the PUBG team has finally brought PUBG LITE to the Indian shores. The game is finally available for download in India and those who are registered during 
the pre-registration period will be eligible to download the game. Selected players 
will have to download the PUBG LITE Launcher by visiting the PUBG LITE website to play games. 
Note that players can also play games on low-end gaming laptops.
With PUBG LITE, the PUBG team wants to appeal to gamers who do not have high-end gaming laptops or PCs, 
but want to experience PUBG. The game is optimized for low-end computers, 
but developers say that the game will provide the authentic PUBG experience that 
the layers are used on the full version of the game. To increase your reach, 
the game is available for download and play for free. Unlike the complete version of Steam for PC, 
which is usually sold in India for Rs 999, PUBG LITE is available for free. 
The game follows a similar free-to-play model as PUBG Mobile. Despite being released, 
players have to play on three popular maps - Arangel, Sunhawk and Miramar.

How to download PUBG Lite?
Visit this website:

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